• Treediggers

    Future against past: machine against handwork - faster work with less workers - roots cutting perfection - transplanting process always successful.

  • Hydraulic power pack

    hydraulic pump suitable for wood press machines – filter press – power press – mechanical press – mould press

  • Equipments for Pots

    To move container trees - no more heavy loads inside the gardens and nurseries - no more effort for the worker.

Company Profile

HOLMAC begins its activity in 1969, realizing products of precision to be employed in tool machines. In the early 70’s the company starts producing pumps and hydraulic components, to be employed in wood press machines and in car-lifters for car service. At the end of 70’s, the first hydraulic pump with motor dipped…


The efficiency of the HOLMAC® equipment and special machines has its parallel in the dynamism of the whole company organization, which is reliable and ready to work with the customer so that together we obtain the best results. An attitude that continues from contact and sale to after-sales, when service becomes fundamental. In…


A big range of products permits to Holmac to work all over the world. Holmac is a leader mark thanks to its attention to the quality of its products. Products always up to date with the right prices and following the customers opinions.

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